Great property managers make a great property management company

Property management is all about the manager. No amount of fancy office spaces, coffee machines, fancy executive management roles, receptionists or expensive european vehicle fleets will change the fact that the person managing your rental property is by far the most important part of the property management machine.

Here are 5 skills that we think great property managers have:

1.      Communication: Communication is the corner stone of a property management relationship and exists between tenant and rental agent as well as agent and landlord. As a landlord, you should know about the state of your property and be kept up to date on any significant events along side other interested parties such as tenants. A great property manager also knows you and your tenant well enough to know the best methods of communication. No sense calling someone if they rarely pick up their phone.

2.      A keen negotiator: A great property manager will be able to negotiate with maintenance contractors, tenants and other parties such an insurance assessor on your behalf to get the best for their clients. They can get you that extra discount, a great new tenant, pay-outs in claims or faster time frames on maintenance and upgrades to your residential property.

3.      Multi tasking: There are many moving parts to managing a residential property, especially with larger portfolios and having a property manager that has their finger on the pulse could save you big time. A great property manager that can keep track of the 'day to day' and important events and means you don't miss those critical rent increases, refixing your tenancies and other important aspects with the management of your rental property.

4.      Friendly but firm In managing properties and tenants you need someone who can be friendly, helpful and also firm when a boundary is crossed. This is where private landlords always struggle because it’s hard to be firm with someone in the best of circumstances, let alone in difficult ones. A great property manager is not afraid to go to bat for you or your property and they are not afraid of a bit of conflict if it is needed.

5.      Great understanding of residential tenancies act and willingness to up-skill: A great property manager will keep great records, follow good practises and record everything so that you don’t get caught out. This is especially important considering the increased compliance requirements that is being put onto landlords of residential tenancies. Experience is great, but having the attitude that you could always be better in the face of constant legislative changes means you are open to new information at all times. Great property managers attends conferences and use the advise of the professionals to provide security and reassurance to their clients.

So there you have it, 5 things we think make great property managers and like the title says, we think great property managers make a great property management company.

Get in touch with Better Property Management today and get yourself a great property managere and have a better landlord experience.


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