Is it time to Break up with your Property Manager?

You deserve Better!

Let’s review if it’s time for a change and like all things, it starts with the with the basics. If your property manager isn’t measuring up in these areas, then it’s time to send your investment properties to a Better Property Manager.


You should hear from your property manager, this may not be weekly, but it should be frequent. Communication may be in the form of inspection reports, rent reviews or any updates regarding your rental as they arise. You should feel comfortable talking to your property manager and they with you and regular communication helps build an understanding of your wishes and goals that your pm can keep in mind while managing your properties.

Regular Inspections

Inspections serve multiple purposes

It’s a good check in with the tenants to help build or maintain a healthy relationship. Tenants are looking after your rental day to day so open and honest communication with them is important. This will help communicate any issues noted at the inspection, form minor behaviours to 14 day notice compliance.

A good property manager will be checking to see if there are any damages to the property and also any regular maintenance requirements which should be communicated to you promptly.

Insurance requires inspections to be completed every 3 months (in most cases) and to be documented with photos. These reports will be requested if any claim is made and should be available to you at any stage in the future.


Every property requires regular maintenance, a proactive property manager will help you with this by suggesting what maintenance is required.

Regular maintenance are smaller things like an annual gutter clean, something that left unattended it can become a bigger more expensive issue.

A property manager should suggest renovations to maintain the investments value or increase the return with updates or adjustments as that increase your yield.

A good property manager should have a list of trusted and cost-effective maintenance & repair companies and have a good understanding of the costs that are typically associated with each job. This ensures that if additional zeros are added to your invoice, your property manager will be quick to act in your interest.

Annual rent reviews

Rent reviews should be undertaken annually which requires planning and negotiation with tenants. Sometimes increases in rent can push good tenants out of properties. A good property manager knows your tenants and your property and will make the right recommendation to you on increases, if any.

How to change? It’s as easy as 1, 2 3 with Better Property Management.

1. Contact Better Property Management 

2. We will provide some forms to be filled out, which includes authorisation to act on your behalf for the property.

3. We work professionally with your current property manager to complete the changeover on your behalf.

That’s it, easy-peasy

Is it time to break up with your property Manager?


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